Understanding Professional Window Tinting Service Shops

Georgia locals know, nothing is worse than feeling your car interior after it has baked under the Georgia sun. What if there was a way to find a reprieve from that awful Georgia heat? Luckily, there is. Getting your vehicle’s windows tinted can not only improve your vehicle’s look and protect your interior, but it can also reduce the internal temperature! Window tint applied by a professional can reduce the amount of UV light that is allowed into your vehicle, essentially keeping it cool and giving your A/C a fighting chance. Below is a resource to help you understand everything you need to know about window tinting.

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Custom Vehicle Window Tinting Marietta Georgia5 Things to Know About Car Window Tinting in Marietta Georgia

1. What and How Does Window Tint Work?

Applying a thin film to the interior of a vehicle’s windows is called aftermarket window tinting. Tint services apply a film designed to darken a car’s windows. The result is an increase of blocked UV light and a reduced glare from the sun.

Window tint film is manufactured in a variety of materials and shades. Typically, tint shades are measured on their ability to transmit light. This means the darker the tint, the lower the light transmission.

2. Different Tint Types

Carbon tint, ceramic tint, metallic tint, hybrid tint, and dyed film are all tin options with their own unique properties to consider when deciding on vehicle window tint. You can learn more about each option by giving us a call or checking out our services page.

3. Georgia Tinting Laws

For all Georgia vehicles, the front side windows must allow more than 32% of light in. However, there are other legislative differences between sedans and SUVs. Sedans must allow 32% on all windows being tinted. Whereas SUVs can have any level of tint on all windows besides the front three. Unfortunately, in Georgia, red and amber tint are not allowed. If you are interested in applying window tint in Georgia, be sure your provider applies tint within these legal parameters.

4. Becoming Exempt to Vehicle Window Tint Laws

Georgia has very few circumstances by which one can be exempt from the state requirements. For instance, if a driver has a medical condition that is exacerbated by sunlight exposure, they may apply for a waiver.

5. Punishments for Illegal Window Tint

Law enforcement carry devices that can measure the amount of light passing through your windows. If they detect an illegal amount of shade applied to your windows, it is a misdemeanor offense. “It is punishable by a fine up to $1,000 or up to 12 months imprisonment.”

Custom Window Tinting Service Marietta GeorgiaFAQ’s About Tinting Services

How to clean tinted windows?

Always listen to your tint specialists’ recommendations on when to begin washing your freshly tinted windows, as climate may affect how soon you can do so. Generally, waiting at least seven days after the tint is applied is necessary. However, depending on the climate, it may be closer to 30 days before the tint film sets.

You should not use a cleaner that has ammonia. Always use a squeegee or cotton rag, with the detergent of your choosing.

Can I roll down tinted windows?

Your newly tinted windows should not be rolled down for at least 4 days after the tint film application. Again, this is to give the film some time to settle. Be sure to ask a professional, such as those at Xtreme Customs Wraps & Tint for specific information about your vehicle.

What are the benefits of getting tinted windows?

If you live in Marietta Georgia, getting your windows tinted has loads of benefits! As a local, you surely know how blistering the Georgia sun is. Nothing is worse than feeling your car interior after it has baked under the Georgia sun. Tinted windows can help block some of those harmful UV rays and reduce the overall heat of your vehicle. These effects become invaluable during the summer as your A/C is set to maximum regularly. Furthermore, if you have leather interior, tinted windows will protect it and extend its longevity.

Selecting the Best Local Window Tint Shop

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